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Zapier: Google Contacts to BenchmarkONE
Zapier: Google Contacts to BenchmarkONE

Using Zapier to connect your Google Apps to your BenchmarkONE account is a great way to bring in contacts and keep BenchmarkONE up to date!

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To quickly use a pre-built Zap, head to Account Settings > Integrations and check the "keep your data up to date" section.

Keep yourself organized by making sure all your contacts are in the same place

You can automatically add new Google Contacts to BenchmarkONE and integrate them with your email marketing efforts.

  • Zap to use: New or Updated Contact (Trigger = Google Contacts) to "add a tag" (Action = BenchmarkONE)

  • Set up a Sequence in BenchmarkONE to start these new contacts on a Nurturing Campaign once they're added!

*BenchmarkONE tip: Using the "Add a tag" automation gives you the most functionality. You can set up a Tag Score sequence within BenchmarkONE, then use the sequence to trigger any of the available BenchmarkONE automations!

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