As a savvy BenchmarkONE user, you may be wanting to set up different automations based on things contacts select from your online form.

For example, you may want to start someone on a nutrition specific campaign if they select "Nutrition" as one of their primary health & wellness goals.

You can do that by creating a Tag Rule based on fields in the Tag Comb or Tag Checkbox in your form. Follow the steps below to start automating!

To add tags to an Online Form:

  • Start by selecting Online Forms under the Tools drop down

  • Click the edit button attached the to the Online Form box and click Continue once you are ready to do so.

  • Under the Contact Fields sidebar, look for the Tag Comb and Tag Checkbox options:

  • Click and drag the options to where you want them to appear on your form.

  • You can edit the names for your tags by clicking on the button illustrated below:

  • Click on Close at the bottom of your form template to finish and save your form.

Now, here’s how you can apply various Tag Rules (check out this article for more information on creating and using tag rules):

  • Click on Tag Rules under the Tools drop down menu at the top of the BenchmarkONE Dashboard.

  • Click on the Tag Rule you want to use or create a NEW rule

  • Click on the Edit button on the Tag Rule box and you then should be able to edit each aspect of the Tag Rule:

  • You can change the subject for the Tag Rule, and determine at what score you want this to be triggered.

  • Click on Save Changes when you are finished.

NOTE: if you ONLY want this rule to apply to form submissions, make sure the title of your tag in the form is different from ALL OTHER tags in your system. If you title it the same as others , the score will increase based on whatever you have that Tag tied to and the rule will go into affect ANY time the contact hits that score, not just based on your form.

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