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Zapier: Survey Monkey / Survey Gizmo to BenchmarkONE
Zapier: Survey Monkey / Survey Gizmo to BenchmarkONE

Use surveys to gain valuable insights and add that information to BenchmarkONE

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SurveyGizmo and SurveyMonkey are both great tools that will allow you to gain important information about your current or potential customers. Using Zapier you can now integrate these applications withBenchmarkONE to gather new contacts or run automations!

Try a pre-built Zap, head to Account Settings > Integrations and check out the "pull in survey respondents" section

  • To Create and update BenchmarkONE contacts from SurveyMonkey responses: Use this Zap

  • To Create and update BenchmarkONE contacts from SurveyGizmo responses: Use this Zap

Here are some great ways to use surveys and BenchmarkONE together.

*IMPORTANT: When you set up your survey, make sure to add in actual survey questions for Email (required) and First/Last Name (optional). This is the only way you can pull in the data into BenchmarkONE

Grow your List:

  • Zap to use: "New Responder" (Trigger = Survey app) to "Add a Tag" (Action = BenchmarkONE).

  • Grow your list with a fun Buzzfeed style quiz to embed on your website or share on social media. Ask for an email address so you can email participants with their answer

  • Use a zap + a Sequence to add these leads to BenchmarkONE and start a intro/nurturing campaign.

Get Customer Feedback

  • Zap to use: "New Responder (Trigger = Survey app) to Add a Tag (Action = BenchmarkONE).

  • Ask for feedback from your customers in exchange for a thank you gift, like a $5 gift card.

  • Tag your Contacts with "Survey Participation" then create a Tag Score Sequence to trigger automations like "Create a Task" to send a gift card for everyone who completes the survey.

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