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Zapier: BenchmarkONE to Slack
Zapier: BenchmarkONE to Slack

Love working out of Slack? Now you and your team can stay on top of new BenchmarkONE leads with Zapier.

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Get a Slack notification when a webhook automation is triggered in BenchmarkONE, alerting you when it's time to follow-up with important leads. The webhook automation can be triggered where ever you normally add automations (campaigns, form submissions, through tag score sequences, etc).

(For a step by step guide on setting up and using webhooks in automations, check this out)

Following up with a New Lead:

  • Use this zap and webhook to alert the whole team when a new lead comes in and they need to follow up

  • When to use: as an automation from an Online Form submission

Reaching out to a Hot Prospect:

  • Use this zap and webhook when a contact has been engaging with your team and email communication and is ready to take the next step

  • When you use: As an automation in a Tag Score Sequence or from a Demo request form

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