[For a step by step guide on setting up and using webhooks in automations, check this out]

Your prospects and customers don't just hang out in one place. Now, you can automatically reach them on Twitter (or any other social app listed on Zapier!) any time the BenchmarkONE webhook automation is triggered. Send a tweet as part of a campaign, when a contact clicks a link, as part of a sequence and more.

To quickly set up and use this zap head to: Account Settings > Integrations

*BenchmarkONE tip: If you want to mention your contacts directly in the tweet, you can set up a BenchmarkONE custom field to store the contact Twitter handle. You may want to use a FILTER STEP (help article here from Zapier) to check that a Twitter handle exists before running the webhook automation.

Automatic outreach

  • Use this zap and webhook in addition to your other marketing efforts and outreach for leads, prospects, and even existing customers

  • When to use: as automation in your campaigns

Resource Download

  • Use this zap to follow up via Twitter with the Contact's that have downloaded a resource from your site

  • When to use: as form automation or part of a campaign for a resource download

Welcoming a new Client or Customer

  • Use this zap and webhook after closing a deal to welcome your new customer

  • When to use: as part of your onboarding / welcome campaign

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