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Embedding Forms on WordPress Using the HTML / CSS Code
Embedding Forms on WordPress Using the HTML / CSS Code

BenchmarkONE gives you the ability to add online forms to WordPress by using HTML/CSS code.

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Here’s how it’s done:

  • Make sure you successfully login to the admin panel in WordPress (it should look a little something like this) -

  • In the sidebar go to Pages > All Pages.

  • There should be a list of the pages you have in the website, hover over the page title where you want to add an online form.

  • There should be 4 links under the page title (Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View) click on Edit.

  • Now on the top right side of the editor there are 2 tabs (Visual and Text) click on Text.

  • Go to the BenchmarkONE App in the Online Forms and on the right side under the Embed section there is an option called “Use HTML/CSS with WordPress”.

  • Click on that option and then in the overlay that will appear, click Copy to clipboard

  • Go back to the WordPress admin panel and now on the text editor, paste the code into where you want the online form to be present in the page.

  • Then, on the right side click the Update button and your online form should successfully be applied.

  • To be sure you successfully applied the online form, you can press the button- Preview Changes over the Update button or you can also click View Page which is above the text editor.

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