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Manually Adding Contacts Quickly
Manually Adding Contacts Quickly

Creating a simple online form can be a faster, easier way to input contact information than manually adding contacts on a one off basis.

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This can also be used at Networking events (and more!) to have contacts easily add themselves using an Online Form input!

  • First, create the online form in Tools > Online Forms. Only add fields that you will be entering for the contact. (*Tip: If you would like to start all of your new contacts on a campaign or send them an email, you can put that as a form automation)

  • Make sure when you create the form that the Opt-In is set to No

  • Once your form is created, copy the URL:

BenchmarkONE tip: edit the Thank You Page  and paste in the URL that you copied for your form:

Now, when you submit one contact, you will be redirected back to the blank form to quickly enter a second one.

The easiest way to access this form is to save the form on your desktop or add it to your favorites in your browser.

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