Embedding Forms on LeadPages

Any forms you create on BenchmarkONE can be integrated into a landing page created on LeadPages.

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Using the HTML widget:

  • Create a form in BenchmarkONE and click "Use Leadpages.net" (you can also select "Use Plain HTML") on the right side of the page under "Embed Options".

  • Copy this code to your clipboard

  • Go into Edit mode of your Leadbox or Standard Leadpage (*note, if you're starting fresh, you may have to remove the default form from Leadpages)

  • Drag in "HTML" from the Widget pop out on the left hand side into your Leadpage or Leadbox

  • Paste your code into the editor provided

  • Click "save" within the widget after adding or changing your HTML code, this will ensure all changes have been saved when you publish or update.

  • You can then preview your page and publish when ready!

Note: Leadpages does not validate HTML. In addition, all customizing and styling must be done within the HTML code itself.

For additional information check out Leadpage's help article here.

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