While BenchmarkONE does not support a direct integration with OptinMonster, you can use BenchmarkONE form code to integrate with OptinMonster popups.

1) Create your Optin Monster opt-in

2) Create your form in BenchmarkONE (help building form)

Here's an example of an opt-in we designed for BenchmarkONE’s website:

In BenchmarkONE, go to your form and in the “Embed Options” section, choose “Plain HTML.” Copy the html code.

In OptinMonster, navigate to the “Integrations” tab and choose “Custom HTML.” Paste your HTML code from BenchmarkONE there.

You’ll notice the form fields look a bit different - for instance, the submit button is white instead of purple.

You will need a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge to modify the styles in your HTML code.

DirtyMarkUp.com is a great HTML editor for helping to modify your BenchmarkONE plain HTML form code. Paste your HTML code from BenchmarkONE into DirtyMarkUp and click “clean.” This simply formats your HTML to make it easier to edit.

In this case, we added the styles to the button to display white text on a purple button.

Now, we copy and paste our updated BenchmarkONE HTML form code into OptinMonster to get the look we want.

You not only have a great looking pop up form, but BenchmarkONE will also still drop our tracking cookie so you can begin to see your contacts activity!

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