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Link Automation in Emails

You are using BenchmarkONE to automate your marketing process and save time, so you should definitely take advantage of link automations!

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out this video.

Setting up link automation in your emails is an essential function of the BenchmarkONE system. You are automating your marketing process to save yourself time, so you should definitely take advantage of this feature!

After you create an email, you will see a page to setup link automations for each of the unique URLs included in your email: 

We can see that the system has identified one link within the above template. Now, we can set automations that should take place when someone clicks on that link in the email send.

The automations you can choose from are:

Each link can have more than one automation set. Consider what the engagement of each link means to you and your business. For example:

  • If the link simply sends them to your website, you might just add a general "Webpage Visit" tag.

  • If the link is regarding a specific product or service, add an interest tag (i.e. "Yoga Interest").

  • If the link provides a greater call-to-action, perhaps to request a demo or to schedule a meeting with you, you may want to Adjust Contact Score, Update Contact Record to move them up in the contact status pipeline, or Create a Task for a salesperson to follow up with them.

For more on how to create and track links in emails, take a look at this article

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