Due to US Federal Law (CAN-SPAM Act of 2003) an unsubscribe link is required in each message sent to two or more contacts from the BenchmarkONE system. We manage this process to ensure an unsubscribe link is placed into emails and our customers remain compliant. You cannot delete this line in your emails.

Drag & Drop Emails

BenchmarkONE will automatically include a footer when the email is sent to any number of contacts. We offer customization options when using this builder. To access the available customizations, click into the footer settings within your template.

The footer styles and additional formatting options are available in the left-hand column. We offer different templates to fit seamlessly into your design and allow you to choose the text for your unsubscribe and spam links.

Basic Editor (Text-Based) Emails

You cannot make edits to the layout of the footer when sending an email created in the basic editor. BenchmarkONE will automatically include a default footer when the email is sent to two or more recipients. Here's an example of the layout:

Editing Your Company Information

Change the company information that appears in the footer by heading to Account Settings > Account > Company. The information included in the Basic Company Info section will be included in the footer.

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