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How BenchmarkONE's Social Media Snapshot Works
How BenchmarkONE's Social Media Snapshot Works

BenchmarkONE can match your contact to their social media profiles, pull those networks in, and add an image to the Contact's record

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Some notes on how it works:

  • We pull information based on the emails associated to contacts in your database that match with a social profile

  • Note: most people do not have their professional email tied to social networking profiles, so you may not be pulling as many as you thought.

  • BenchmarkONE will pull in their profile image and profile links into the contact record for you automatically.

  • This is updated every 6 months, so if your Contact signs up for a social network AFTER you have added them to BenchmarkONE, this will update in the next cycle.

We pull from over 50 sites, including these more well-known ones:

  • YouTube

  • Wordpress

  • Vimeo

  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

  • Skype

  • Reddit

  • Pinterest

  • Pandora

  • LinkedIn

  • Google Plus

  • Four Square

  • Flickr

  • Facebook

  • Digg

  • Blogger

  • Bandcamp

You can view these links and add more manually by editing their Contact Record

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