Tracking Email Opens

The system automatically tracks opens on all sent emails. Here's how!

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BenchmarkONE automatically tracks opens on any email that you send from our system.

How do we track this? 

We track opens through an image-based "tracking pixel" we include in every message that is sent from BenchmarkONE.

The original open will be tracked and we will not track another open for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes has passed from the original open, BenchmarkONE tracks ALL opens going forward and will record the activity on the original recipient's record. This means: 

  • An open will be recorded every time the recipient opens the email;

  • An open will be recorded if your original recipient forwards that email to a friend or colleague and they open the email;

  • An open will be recorded if the original recipient replies to your message and you open that email to view or reply. 

ALL email open activities will all be tied back to your original recipient.

Are tracking opened emails important?

Absolutely! It is vital to know if prospects and customers are actually reading your emails.

  • You can provide more targeted nurturing campaigns to those contacts who are opening your emails.

  • Contacts who are not opening emails can be set up on an exploratory campaign to find their interests, and then you can begin nurturing them from there.

How do I see who is opening my emails?

Sales Dashboard

You can sort your Activity Feed by email opens within a certain time period and user.

Contact List View

Select the Filter button and head to Email Activity.

Select "opened" or "did not open," the email template you are interested in viewing and the time period. When these are selected, click ADD and then Close and Apply to populate the filter.

Contact Record

You can view an individual contact's email opens within the Activity Feed tab of their record.

Email Template

Go to Tools > Email Templates and click on the name of the template you would like to view. In the detail view of the template, you will find the basic stats in the right column.


Go to Reports > Emails to view:

  • Email Activity by Day

  • Email Activity by Date Sent

  • Email by Template

  • Opens by Date Sent

Note: If there are issues with your email opens not recording, see this article for a possible explanation.

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