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With BenchmarkONE's and/or searching feature you can complete a boolean search for contacts, companies and deals.

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Segmenting your list can be a powerful way to hyper-target specific groups. 

First, select your filters. Check out this article to learn more about BenchmarkONE's available filters.

Click into the ampersand to change the filter from AND to OR. This will group items together with brackets, giving you additional flexibility.

And/Or Filter

You can add multiple filters to your search

  • Click on the & icon to change the criteria to OR

  • Brackets group your searching criteria together

In the example below, I can search for anyone who has a Contact Status that is a client and is either located in St. Louis or is located in Chicago.

Next, determine the order of your filters. You are able to adjust your filter by dragging and dropping your filter fields in to a new order.

Select Apply to pull your results and Save Filter if you wish to use this filter again in the future.

If videos are more your style, check out this short one on Filtering your Contacts, Companies, and Deals.

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