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Updating Multiple Contacts or Taking a Group Action
Updating Multiple Contacts or Taking a Group Action

Mass update or take action on a filtered list.

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BenchmarkONE allows you to update multiple contacts quickly and easily and also makes it super simple to take a group Action.

  • First, you'll want to filter for the group of contacts that you'd like to update or those you would like to take some sort of action on. 

  • Once you have your filter set, select the checkbox to the left of the name column and all contacts found in the search will be selected. To select a specific number of contacts, select the prompt in the green bar that appears.

  • Click the Actions dropdown to see all available group actions. We've put the most common actions towards the top; to see the full list click "show more." Note that selecting "update contact record" will allow you to update the contact's status, sales rep and lead source.

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