Email Activity

View contacts that have been sent or not sent an email, and how they engaged (or did not engage) with that message.

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Email Activity Filters Allow You To:

  • View which contacts have been sent or have not been sent ANY email communication

  • See if contacts were sent / not sent or scheduled to receive a specific email template

  • Filter to see which contacts opened or did not open a particular template

  • View which contacts clicked through your template, or see those who didn't 

  • See which contacts were sent an email but it bounced. You can learn more about email bounces here.

  • Specify the time period that you'd like to include in your search.   Note: If you select "on", "before" or "after" a calendar will pop out so that you can select the desired date. If you select "between" you will be able to pick your two date ranges from dual calendars

To filter for this information: 

From the list View select the Filter icon: 

Scroll to Contact Activity > Email Activity

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