A/B Testing your Emails

Compare email template performance with A/B testing.

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The best way to see which email templates perform the best for your recipients is to test them. In the marketing world, this is called A/B Testing.

To Complete A/B Testing

Take your information and develop two or more email templates that display the information differently. For example, build one in the Basic Builder that is simple text-based and use the Drag and Drop builder to develop a newsletter-style version. Change up the subject lines as well -- perhaps one will result in more opens.

From your Contact List View, select a list of contacts to receive this information.

Click the Send Email button.

Select My Email Templates in the left sidebar, then find 2 (or more) templates you want to test against each other and click to the left of the template names so a check mark appears. Once your templates are chosen, select Continue.

You will then receive this message. Select Run Test to continue with the remaining steps of the email sends.

To Review the A/B Test

From the main navigation, select Reports > Emails > Email by Template.

By A/B testing you can start to see what emails perform best with your contacts. Be sure to use this information for better results.

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