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How Can I Manage Task Types?
How Can I Manage Task Types?

Create as many types necessary to organize your follow-up efforts.

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Depending on your role, the types of tasks that you need could differ greatly from the task types your Sales Team or Marketing person might need. The great news is that BenchmarkONE allows you to create as many categories as you need to easily manage your Tasks!

  • After navigating to your Tasks tab click the Task Type button:

  • This will cause a box to appear that will allow you to manage your task types AND create a new task type

  • You have the ability to rename or delete your current task categories:

  • Or, you can create a brand new task type! Clicking the + Create new task will cause a new box to appear:

  • Simply type in your new task type and click "save changes" and this will be added to your existing list of Task Types!

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