If you've added a BenchmarkONE Online Form to your site and are noticing an issue with the "Submit" button, there may be some conflicting scripts on your website. The BenchmarkONE form is not submitting properly since the form relies on a script to enable the button once the form is filled out.

There are a couple of ways to fix this:

  1. Use the iframe code from BenchmarkONE instead. This will sandbox the form from outside scripts in your template. (Don't worry - you can inject your own CSS into the form within BenchmarkONE by using the Preferences button within form styles).

2) Search in the code and remove the disabled="disabled" wording. This will allow the form to submit without running the script that's causing it to be blocked.

If this doesn't fix your problem, our support team will help you figure out the issue. Please email them: support@benchmarkone.com or call at 866-991-4888 x2.

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