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Filter for default fields, custom fields and tags.

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Use the below guide to maximize BenchmarkONE's filters and segment your Contacts based on a wide variety of fields available.

​Contact Name
Search on the exact name or a part of a Contact's name.

Contact Location
Search to see if the contact location is or is not in a particular city, state, zip or country.

Contact Phone
Search to see which contacts have or do not have a particular number associated to their contact record.

-- This is also an easy way to search for contacts in a specified area code.

Sales Rep
Select if the Sales rep is or is not and view available users from the drop-down menu.

Contact Score
Search for a contact score that equals, is greater than, is less than, or is between particular numbers.

Contact Source
Identify your lead sources in Account Settings to help identify where your contacts are from. Example Sources: tradeshow, adwords, website, referral.

Contact Status
Filter to see if a contact status equals or does not equal an option from your drop-down menu.

-- Select if a contact was advanced to a particular status within a certain time period.

Email Address
Type in an email address or portion of an email address to search for contacts in your database.

**TIP: Selecting "does not start with" and leaving this field blank will show you all of your contacts that do NOT have an email address.

Email Deliverability
View which contacts have unsubscribed, bounced, or complained of spam. Identify which contacts can and cannot be sent an email.

Search Contacts that have events associated with their record. Example Events: Birthday, Renewal Date, Trade show, Lunch & Learn, etc.

Follow Up Status
Manage these in Account Settings. View contacts that have been neglected or have engaged with you.

​Last Contacted Date
Check to see when contacts were last communicated with

--- Search to see if they have been contacted on, before, after, or between certain dates.

​Position Title
Easily search by titles associated with your contacts. Example Titles: CEO, Consultant, CPA, CTO, etc.

Referred By
If using the "referred by" field to connect the dots, search by names that are or are not referred by someone.

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