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Staying Out of the SPAM Folder
Staying Out of the SPAM Folder

Helpful tips to improve your inbox placement and keep you out of the recipient's SPAM folder.

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After you take the time to gather contacts, create email templates, and build a fantastic nurturing campaign, you do NOT want it all to go to waste by landing in someone's SPAM folder. Here are some articles from the BenchmarkONE blog you should definitely check out:

Here some things to remember –

With your Contact List:

  • Remove people from your list when emails have bounced several times. More bounces can get your email blocked by others.

  • Ideally, only send emails to people who have opted-in to receive things from you.

  • Segment and tailor your messages to each group of recipients.

With your Content:

  • Don’t use all CAPS.

  • Don’t embed videos or forms and don’t use attachments. Instead, redirect to a landing page for that information. For example, you can add a thumbnail image to your email and link that image to the actual video URL.

  • Spellcheck – and not just when you are emailing English teachers. Poor spelling can tip off SPAM triggers.

  • Avoid lots of images or large images. As a rule of thumb, keep a 60/40 text to image ratio.

  • Don’t use spam-like words. For example, “free, instant, and guaranteed” could land you in the SPAM folder.

For more tips on deliverability check out this great resource.

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