Getting your emails to the inbox is your top priority, and Manta is here to keep your sender reputation squeaky clean. Manta actively prevents you from sending to questionable email addresses that have the potential to harm your sender reputation.

What is a questionable email list?

Not every email address belongs to an active email account. Some addresses are inactive, generate abuse complaints or simply result in hard bounces. Avoiding suspicious or questionable addresses is important if you want to get your email to the inbox of good, active accounts. Manta’s proprietary reputation defender technology uses an intelligent algorithm to predict the health of your contacts, greatly reducing the potential of tarnishing your sender reputation.

How does Manta protect your reputation?

When you hit send, Manta does a quick scan to evaluate the quality of the email addresses you’re sending to. If a questionable or suspicious email is detected, Manta will cancel the send to that address, protecting your sender reputation (and ours).

What can I do if Manta finds suspicious emails?

When Manta cancels a send, the contact will remain in your database with the email address marked as invalid. While this may seem like a bummer, it’s actually helping you maintain a healthy sender reputation and get your emails into more inboxes of the people you actually want to reach.

If you believe that emails you were sending to were marked as invalid in error, please reach out to our support team, we’re happy to discuss with you! A couple things to think about before reaching out:

  • How did I collect this email address? Have I spoken to this contact directly or have they filled in an opt-in form? If yes, great - let's chat. It's important to consider your sources when looking at these situations.

  • Has this contact engaged beyond one open with any of my previous emails to them? It's important to always consider engagement when determining if an email address is a valid one. You may see things like a send, open, and click happening at the same exact time. This is a red flag for a monitoring service or spam trap email address.

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