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Guide to Associated Companies
Guide to Associated Companies

Filter and search on company information.

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If your goal is to quickly search for contacts using their company information, BenchmarkONE offers a company view! Clicking into the Companies tab, you will see several filtering options:

Company Created By
Check to see if the company record was created by a specific user.

Company Created Date
Search to see if the company record was created on, before, after, or between a specific date.

Company Custom Fields
Search on the custom fields you created on the company level.

Company Location
Search to see if the contact location is or is not in a particular city, state, zip or country 

Company Name
Enter full or part of company name to find the records you need.

Company Phone
Search to see which contacts have or do not have a particular phone number. This is also an easy way to search for companies in a specified area code.

Company Status
Search company status by "equal" or "does not equal" in this filter.

Company Sales Rep
Choose from the drop-down options of company sales reps for "is" or "is not" in this filter.

Company Website
Enter a full or partial URL to quickly find the information you need.

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