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Step-by-Step Guide to Importing Companies
Step-by-Step Guide to Importing Companies

Quickly add companies from a spreadsheet using our import wizard.

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Organize Ahead of Time

  • File types accepted are .CSV, .XLS and .XLSX

  • Ensure there are less than 10,000 companies in your file before importing

  • Separate each value into its own column. This includes Company name, Company address, Company website, etc.  

  • Label your columns in the first row of your file

  • Each value you would like created as a custom field should be placed in its own column

  • If you are importing Sales Reps for each company, that should be in it's own column and assigned using the BenchmarkONE's users email address

Import Wizard

1) Upload Your File

From the Contact List View, click the +Import button

  • Browse for your file. Remember to choose a .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX only.

2) Choose Merging Fields

Your columns will auto-map based on the column headers in your file. The more you import, the smarter the wizard becomes and remembers different variations of your header titles. We call this Smart-Mapping.

The column titles in your spreadsheet will be displayed at the top above each dropdown. Use the drop downs to map your data to a BenchmarkONE field. 

  • If there is a column you tie to a BenchmarkONE field but no longer wish to import, simply change the dropdown selection to "Do Not Import." 

  • Any columns that you do not wish to import can be left on "Choose a Field."

A few notes:

Company statuses will be mapped to existing ones in your account and new ones will be created upon import. You may also apply a status to your entire file or to companies without a specific status on your file by selecting a default status on the next screen.

Sales Rep should be mapped using the user's email address. You can also assign a Sales Rep to the entire file by selecting a default sales rep on the next screen. 

If a Company Custom Field does not already exist in your account, you can easily add it on the fly here:

  • Select "New Custom Field" for companies from the bottom of the list. 

  • The Custom Field Name is what will appear on the Company Record.

  • Choose a Custom Field Type (Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Dropdown, Numeric, Date, Date and Time).

    ** For the Dropdown option, BenchmarkONE will automatically identify values that are included in your spreadsheet. If you would like to include additional options, add them into the Dropdown Values area on separate lines.

3) Set Defaults for Companies 

Default choices for companies will be applied to the entire spreadsheet unless a different value was mapped on the previous screen.

  • If you matched the Company Status and/or Sales Rep fields while mapping, the defaults chosen here will only be added to companies whose columns were blank.

  • If you did not have a Company Status and/or Sales Rep columns in your file, the defaults chosen here will be added to all companies for the current import.

4) Security Issue (if applicable)

You may see a screen if you are importing companies who already exist in BenchmarkONE but you are restricted from editing/updating them. Talk to your account admins about changing your security settings if needed. 

5) Matching Results

This page shows you an analysis of your file.

  • New Companies: These companies do not currently exist in your account.

  • Companies Matched by Name: Any matched companies will be updated. Company data will either be appended or overwritten. Learn more here

Click FINISH to complete your import!

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