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Uploading and Processing Files via FTP
Uploading and Processing Files via FTP

Guidelines and documentation on processing imports via FTP.

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Ensure the below requirements are met and you have read through our Data Specifications and Import File Rules. Once ready, you can easily drop files into the FTP folder for processing.

Processing Time: Files process every 5 minutes. Depending on the size of the file, it can take some time to complete the process. The FTP Log will update once the file is processed.

Uploading Files with FTP Client

Once successfully connected, supported users will see a folder named “Upload”. This is the folder that files should be dropped into. It's important to drop files into this folder and not the root folder.

Once the FTP client has given the file a successful status, this means that it is in the BenchmarkONE queue and is ready to be processed.

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