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Image Sizes for Best Email Rendering
Image Sizes for Best Email Rendering

Learn about acceptable size specifications for images placed in email templates.

Written by Lori Naeger
Updated over a week ago

All BenchmarkONE email templates are 600px wide. It is recommended to resize images to the size needed within the editor before uploading them. This will ensure proper formatting and smaller file sizes.

Accepted file types:

  • PNG

  • JPG

  • GIF

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Images should be under 1MB in file size. If images are larger than 1MB in size, email clients will auto-condense them and things could look blurry in the inbox.

Recommended width in pixels for columns:

  • 1-column: 600px

  • 2-column: 300px

  • 3-column: 200px

Common Image Issues:

  • Images in a text block will not render with proper mobile responsiveness. Because of this, it is suggested to place images in image blocks.

  • Images in a text block do not allow for padding adjustment and therefore do not allow adequate text wrapping. To keep things clean and render the best across email clients, use image blocks and text blocks.

  • Photo is rotating in your template. In this scenario, the image was uploaded from a mobile device which includes its original rotation information. To correct this, open in an editor on your computer and resave in a different image format.

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