It's important to understand how contacts can opt out of receiving email communication. One of the following actions must occur:

  • Contact clicks the link in the footer of an email and submits the opt-out page;

  • Contact initiates an unsubscribe request from within their email client; or

  • A user manually unsubscribes the contact from the BenchmarkONE system.

How to Re-subscribe Contacts

BenchmarkONE requests explicit permission to begin emailing contacts who have previously opted out. If the opt out was contact initiated, you will head to the contact's record in BenchmarkONE and click to re-subscribe. Then, reach out to our support team at to request that the email address be removed from our suppression list, and provide the contact's explicit permission in your email to us.

If a user manually unsubscribed the contact, you can re-subscribe from the contact's record. No further action needs to be taken.

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