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Customize the Tasks List View
Customize the Tasks List View

View the information you need most by customizing data columns in your tasks tab.

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Follow these steps to customize your tasks list view:

From the tasks tab, select the edit column icon at the top right of the page --

Show Columns are the columns that will appear in your tasks list view.

Available Columns are the additional columns you can add to the view.

Check or un-check the columns you want displayed in the task view.

Drag and drop the column names to change the display order in the task view.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: The "Status" column cannot be removed from view, but can be rearranged in the display order.

After changes are made, select the Apply button to save the edits.

To sort data in the view by ascending or descending order, click into any column header. The sorted column will show in blue.

See it in action --

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