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BenchmarkONE Lead Collector

Easily add new contacts to your BenchmarkONE account with just a click.

Written by Lori Naeger
Updated over a week ago

Lead Collector is the quickest way to add new contacts to your BenchmarkONE CRM! The Chrome extension gives you the ability to seamlessly push new contacts directly into your BenchmarkONE account right from your browser toolbar. The Lead Collector currently works with LinkedIn, X and Facebook.

Download Chrome Extension

From the Chrome Store, you may download the BenchmarkONE Lead Collector extension to your Chrome browser toolbar.

Using the Lead Collector

Once you have downloaded the extension, click the extension icon to pin the Lead Collector extention to your Chrome toolbar.

Launch the Lead Collector by clicking the Benchmark logo and logging in with your BenchmarkONE credentials.

Now that you are logged in, navigate to your LinkedIn, X, or Facebook account where you can launch the Lead Collector from your Chrome toolbar and seamlessly add contacts to your BenchmarkONE account.

  • IMPORTANT: You will need to be viewing the profile detail page of the contact on any given platform

    • LinkedIN - full profile page

    • Facebook - profile page > "About " tab

    • X - profile page

  • Be sure to select a Status for the new contact

  • Add any tags that already exist in your BenchmarkONE account. You cannot add new tags here. You may begin typing and a list of tags in your BMO account will populate.

  • Create a note on the contact record if needed

  • Click "Add to Contacts" and a new contact record will not appear in your BenchmarkONE account

Note: If the contact already exists, a new contact record will not be created and new/additional data will not be appended at this time. An error message will display letting you know the contact alreay exists

You may also add additional information or correct information being added by clicking "Add or Correct Info."

  • Title

  • Company

  • Additional email addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Location

  • Website

User Responsibility: Lead Collector for BenchmarkONE is a proprietary algorithm that retrieves publicly available contact data from webpages. In using the Lead Collector extension to manage contact data, users are responsible for adhering to the User Agreement of LinkedIn or any other third party platform. Using Lead Collector for BenchmarkONE in a way that breaches the User Agreement of LinkedIn or any other third party platforms may result in a locked account or revoked license.

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