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Overview of BenchmarkONE Emails
Overview of BenchmarkONE Emails

With BenchmarkONE you can design a newsletter style email from scratch, use one of our pre-designed templates and create text-based emails.

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Head to Emails > Email Templates to design a newsletter style email from scratch, use one of our pre-designed templates, or create text-based emails.

My Email Templates
Access your previously created emails for a quick starting point of a new template.

Pre-designed Templates
We have several professionally built templates available for you to use. The templates can be completely customizable to fit your branding, style, and purpose! 

Start from Scratch
If you want the freedom to build your email from scratch, this option is perfect for you!

Basic Editor: Use this when you want to create a simple text email. This looks very personal and mimics an email you would send from your email client. 

Also use the Basic Editor to access the source option to copy and paste existing code, or create an email from scratch using HTML. 

Drag & Drop Builder: This is how you will create unique, custom newsletter-style email templates without needing to know HTML. It allows you to easily drag and drop content and image blocks, add call-to-action buttons, and completely customize the style of the template.

Learn more about the Drag & Drop Builder.

Saved Drafts: Here you can retrieve emails you have started in order to continue editing and getting them picture-perfect.

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