How Contact Scoring Works

Tracking your most engaged contacts.

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out this video.

The Contact Score is based on the following actions a contact can take:ย 

  • Email Opens

  • Link Clicks

  • Webpage Visits

  • Form Submissions

  • Unsubscribes (negative points)

  • Spam Complaints (negative points)

To view or edit point values for each action or to change the time frame, navigate to: Account Settings > Customizations > Contact Scoring. (here's a help article on that)

Things to remember:

  • This is a rolling score, so it will change based on a person's activity WITHIN that time period you have selected (7/30/90 days).

  • If you make changes, they are not immediate, you will have to wait until midnight UTC when scores are re-calculated.

Tips on how to use Contact Scores:

  • For sales teams: Filter your Contact list by people in a Contact Status that is close to buying, but not quite there yet (ex: Prospect), then sort by descending Contact Score. This will give you a list of really engaged prospective customers!

  • For email marketing: Try to contact people on your list with low engagement scores and nurture them to increase their brand awareness of your company.

If you are looking at your Contact, Company, or Deal List View, you can add contact score to your columns. Clicking into the score header will allow you to sort this column by ascending or descending order.

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