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Basic Editor Emails: A Complete Guide
Basic Editor Emails: A Complete Guide

Use the Basic Editor to build simple, text-based emails.

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out this video.

You will use the Basic Editor to build all your simple, text-based emails.

Head to Tools > Email Templates and select the button + New Email Template.

In the left sidebar, select Start from Scratch and then choose Basic Editor - Blank.

Using the Personalize Options 

Pull information from each contact's record into an email, no matter how many recipients are selected.

  • To personalize the subject line: Use the personalize menu to the right of the subject line box.

  • To personalize the body copy: Use the personalize menu in the formatting bar. 

Inserting A Document

You won't be able to add attachments to emails in BenchmarkONE, but you can insert them as a link, which is much better! Now you can track who is opening your document and set automations to occur when the document is viewed.

To upload a document on the fly when creating the email, select the Insert File button in the formatting bar.

A modal box will appear. Here you can upload a new file or click on the My Files tab to find a file that was uploaded in the past. Remember to give the file a clear name -- the file name will be inserted as hyperlinked text in the email. 

Here's the result!

Adding an Image

In the formatting bar, select the Insert Image button.

A modal box will appear. Here you can upload a new image or click on the Image Library tab to find an image that was uploaded in the past.

Pasting Text from Outside Application

Copying text from an outside source is perfectly fine, but sometimes unnecessary formatting can be brought along. Be sure not to paste directly into the editor. Instead, use one of our three plain text options to strip out hidden formatting. 

The Footer
While you cannot make edits to the layout, BenchmarkONE will automatically include a footer with unsubscribe/report spam links when the email is sent to two or more recipients. The company information in the footer will pull from the data entered in account settings > account > company. Here's an example:

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