Adding and Using Lead Sources

Track your channels to find out where your hottest leads are coming from.

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If you're not already tracking your lead sources, it's time to start! Tracking where your leads are coming from is imperative; lead sources can you give you and your team valuable information, analytics, and can help to assess the value of your marketing campaigns and where to best spend your marketing dollars going forward.

Some common lead sources might be:

  • Referrals

  • SEO

  • AdWords

  • Trade Shows

  • Facebook / other Social channels

  • Website

Adding your Lead Sources in BenchmarkONE

  • Navigate to: Account Settings > Customizations > Lead Sources

  • Click "edit Lead Sources", then "Add New Lead Source" (click this button for each new source you'd like to enter)

  • After adding all of your Lead Sources, click "Save Changes"

Assigning Lead Sources:

Lead Sources can be assigned a variety of ways

  • During Import: Match to the "lead source" option in the contact drop-down

  • Through an Automation: Add an automation to an Online form to "Update Contact Record", click the Lead Source box and make your selection from the drop-down (BenchmarkONE Pro-tip: create multiple forms for different lead sources so you can accurately track them)

  • When you're creating a Deal: Whether you're manually adding a Deal or doing this through an Automation (form submission, Tag Rule, etc), identify your lead source at the time the Deal is created

Viewing your Metrics:

  • It's important to monitor which Lead Sources are preforming great, and which ones aren't doing so hot. This can help to assess the value of your marketing campaigns and where your marketing dollars would be put to best use. Check out the "Deal Pipeline by Lead Source" report (Reports > Sales > Deal Pipeline by Lead Source) to see your metrics

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