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Adding and Filtering by Custom Fields
Adding and Filtering by Custom Fields

Capture, store and filter custom data

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out this video on custom fields or this video on filters.

Custom Fields are a great way store additional information on a Contact, Company, or Deal record when BenchmarkONE does not already provide a default field for that data. You can create several different types of Custom Fields:

  • Paragraph (2,000 character limit)

  • Single line (1,000 character limit)

  • Drop down

  • Numeric

  • Date

  • Date and Time

Some common Custom field examples might be:

  • Industry (drop down)

  • Company size (numeric or drop down)

  • Gender (single line or drop down)

  • Short notes from past projects (paragraph)

  • Past project dates (date)

Creating Custom Fields (from Account Settings): 

  • Navigate to Account Settings > Customizations > Custom Fields.

  • You can add/edit/delete custom fields for your Contacts, Companies or Deals

  • To add a new custom field, click "Edit Custom Fields" and then "Add New Custom Field"

  • Name your field and choose the appropriate field type: single line text, paragraph, drop down, numeric, date, or date and time.

Note: for the drop down option, you must populate all the values you will need to use for this field here --

  • Select Save and Save Changes to add your new Custom Field

💡 Tip: If you are using dropdown custom fields in landing pages or popups, you must close the tool and reopen to see those dropdown changes reflected in existing pages & forms.

Creating Custom Fields (through Import)

If a field does not already exist in BenchmarkONE, you can create during the import process. You need to have this custom field created and labeled in your CSV file. When you are matching your fields: 

  • Selecting "New Custom Field"

  • The "Custom Field Name" is what will appear on the Contact Record

  • Choose Field Type based on category (single line, paragraph, numeric, drop down, date, date and time)For the Drop down option, you will also need to enter the values you'd like

  • Click Add. This will automatically add the Custom Field to your Account Settings area to the Contact Records you're importing

Filtering by Custom Fields

BenchmarkONE allows you to filter for Custom fields you have created (with the exception of Paragraph Custom fields) whether you are in the Contacts, Companies, or Deals tab

  • Click the Filter button from your list view

  • If you created the Custom field on the Contact level, it will be located in the Contacts' section, Company custom fields will be held under "Associated Companies", and Deal custom fields will be held under "Associated Deals"

  • Select the Custom field you'd like to filter by

  • BenchmarkONE will recognize which Custom Field type this is and bring up the appropriate box to allow you to search for this information. For example, if you chose a Custom field drop down, all of your choices would be located in the drop down so you can quickly make your selection.

  • Click Add and then Apply Filter to view your filtered list

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