Contact Statuses are how your relationship with your potential/current/former customers evolves throughout the nurturing process.

Example Contact Statuses: 

  • Lead: people who have little to no interaction with your company

  • Prospect: people who have interacted with you in some way by filling out a form, clicking on a link, attending your booth at a trade show, etc.

  • Opportunity: people who have raised their hand and expressed interest" (Example: Scheduled a Demo or filled out a "Request a Quote" form)

  • Customer: people who have bought your products or services

  • Other common Contact Statuses: Former Customer, Partner, Affiliate, Not Interested

** You can have multiple categories in each stage depending on your business.
** You can customize these status names to fit your internal process & language. BenchmarkONE allows you to add up 100 Contact Statuses in your system.

Where do I find the Contact Status?

  • On an individual Contact Record, on the right side of the screen, to the right of the contact score

How do I set up my Contact Statuses?

  • Option 1: When importing a spreadsheet, select a Default Contact Status for the entire list at the end of your import process OR indicate each Contact's Status as a field in your spreadsheet and map it to the Status Merging Field in BenchmarkONE.

  • Option 2: Go to your Account Settings > Customizations > Contact Status > + Add Status (or edit an existing status, by clicking into the pencil icon)

Reorder statuses by dragging and dropping the lines to the left of the status name:

Select a status type [prospect, won, lost] and follow up frequency if you'd like to set targeted goals for communication.

How do I delete a Status?

  • Go to Account Settings > Customizations > Contact Status

  • If you have never had a contact tied to that Status, you can delete it using the - circle

  • If there has been a Contact tied to that Status at any time, you cannot delete it because it is integrated into historical data. You will have to Merge that Status (blue button, top right) with another that is similar.

How do I Add/Edit a Status on a Contact?

  • Option 1: When importing a spreadsheet, indicate each Contact's Status as a field in your spreadsheet and map it to the Status Merging Field in BenchmarkONE

  • Option 2: Add a Default Status to all the Contacts in a spreadsheet at the end of your Import (this will apply the contact status to the entire spreadsheet)

  • Option 3: Add a Contact Status when you are Adding the Contact to the System Manually

  • Option 4: In the Contact Record, use the edit pencil in the Status block to the right of Contact Score or using the Edit Contact button in the top right

  • Option 5: To add/edit a Status in bulk, select a list of contacts from the Contact List View and use the Actions dropdown to Update Contact Record > Select Update Status

  • Option 6: Automatically, as an automated Action on your campaigns, webpage tracking, online forms, email templates, tag rules, or purchase rules

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