This special element gives you options for adding text blocks to your email layout.

Adding Text Blocks

Click the + sign next to the content block or drag and drop into an existing section of your layout.

There are a few editing options within a text block. Select the gear icon to open the Text Settings sidebar.

  • You can adjust the background color and add a border;

  • Adjust the padding to orient the content inside its block;

  • Set your margins to orient the block within the template.

To Edit Text, including font styles, adding links, and many other options, select the grey pencil icon.

A formatting bar will appear so you can complete changes to the text within that specific block.

To exit edit mode you can:

  1. Click to edit another block;

  2. Click outside the block on the email background;

  3. Click the "done" button below the block you are editing.

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