Sending Test Emails

Using the "Send Test" feature for emails is great to see formatting & layout, but some things will not appear like the final product.

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The content of your Send Test emails should look the same, but a few things will be different:

  • Merge fields will not pull actual data (Example: Hi [Contact First Name]). This includes the Company Information in the footer.

  • Subject lines will have "Email Test" before it.

  • All Dynamic Content will display in email test sends.

  • Footer address will not pull actual data.

  • The email will be sent from a "donotreply" address and may land in your SPAM folder. 

Best practices:

  • Use the Send Test button while working on your template to see how your design and formatting looks, not to see the final product.

  • Add yourself as a contact in your database, then send the email to yourself as if you are a recipient of this email.

💡 Tip: If you send a Basic email to yourself only, the company information block in the footer will not populate. You need to send to two or more contacts to view the company information footer.

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