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Drag & Drop Emails: Image Elements
Drag & Drop Emails: Image Elements

Learn about each image element available in the Drag & Drop Builder.

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General Instructions
To add an image block to a section, just drag it over from the side bar and drop it into an available section.

To add images to an image block, simply drag an image from your computer onto the coordinating block, or select choose an image and a modal box will appear. Choose a new image to upload from your computer, or access your image library to find previously uploaded images.

In the image library, sort by grid or list view and search for image titles.

Editing Images

Edit the image settings by selecting the gear icon within the image block. This will open the editing sidebar.

In the Image Settings tab, you can:

  • View the properties, replace or delete an image;

  • Update the image alt text for those users who do not allow images in their emails;

  • Add a caption to the image.

In the Image Properties tab, you can:

  • Zoom in and out on your image and choose the alignment within the box itself.

  • Keep your image within a specified space in your layout by adjusting the container height.

  • Add a border and adjust the padding of the image within the box itself.

  • Link the image to a website, email address, or file and choose if the link should open in a new window.

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