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Why are my internal emails not being delivered?
Why are my internal emails not being delivered?

Don't be concerned if your internal emails sent through BenchmarkONE land in your spam folder. Learn more!

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Once your email is polished and ready to be sent to your contacts, you will likely add yourself or fellow co-workers into your BenchmarkONE database to test out your emails.

While we highly recommend this practice, you may notice that your emails are routed to the SPAM folder. Why does this occur?

When you are sending out of any third-party email provider, you are sending on behalf of your email (@companyemail). When sending an internal email to yourself ( from yourself (, on behalf of two different servers, your emails will likely trigger SPAM within your email client.

Keep in mind that this will only affect an internal send to yourself or members at your company, and should not affect outbound sends to your contacts.


  • Complete the email authentication process

  • Add a contact into your database with a different email address for test email sends (Example:,, etc.)

  • Do not add "Test" or "Insert Subject Line" into your emails

  • Do not send to multiple people in your company at the same time

  • Send to your BenchmarkONE consultant. They can ensure that you are following best practices and help answer questions.

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