How do I use Purchases?

Here is a guide to setting up your categories and using the manual purchase tool.

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out this video.

If you are one of our B2C (business to consumer) clients, you will probably want to learn more about how the eCommerce functions of BenchmarkONE works.

Here is a guide to setting up your categories and using the manual purchase tool.

Set Up:

Before you add purchases into a Contact Record (manually or automatically), you will want to set up your Products and Product Categories.

*Note: You CAN set up a product and category on the fly when creating a purchase on a Contact Record (see below for details).

  • Navigate to Account Settings > Customizations > Products

  • Select the + Edit Products and Categories button

  • You will see this screen:

  • Choose a Category for your Product (you can add a new one to the list using + Add Product). For example, if you are a Gym your Categories might be Gym Membership, Personal Training, Spa, etc. The specific products would nest within that.

  • Name your product

Creating a Purchase for a Contact - Manual

When a contact purchases one of your products, you will want to add it in their record for tracking. Here's how:

  • Navigate to the Contact Record > Purchases

  • Select +New Order button

  • You will see this screen:

  • You can choose if this is a purchase or refund using the Order Type drop-down.

  • The Order # is optional, but you can use it for tracking if you would like.

  • Choose the Product and Quantity purchased

  • If QTY is left at 0, your total and order total will not calculate. Note: You can add a new product and category to your database here using the + next to the Product Name

  • You can also add an optional description 

  • Give the price of an individual product they bought - BenchmarkONE will calculate the total for you using the quantity field from the first box.

  • + New Purchase button allows you to add more than one item to this order

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