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How do I find a saved draft?
How do I find a saved draft?

Find drafts that weren't saved as email templates.

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If you are working on a template and end up exiting the screen without hitting the Save & Exit or Finish button, or if you sent an email to a contact and forgot to Save As New Template, you will be able to find your email in Saved Drafts.

To access this folder, go to Tools > Email Templates and select the button New Email Template.

In the left-hand column, select Saved Drafts. Older versions of your templates that have been auto-saved or manually saved using the Save Revision button will appear here. You can sort the subject, type or last modified date columns by ascending or descending order to find the draft you need.

To save a template from saved drafts, select the template from your list view and then click the Continue button. You will be brought into the appropriate email builder and can make any changes or edits necessary. Follow through to the last page to save your draft as a template.

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