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Drag & Drop Emails: A Complete Guide
Drag & Drop Emails: A Complete Guide

Learn about the layout, elements and formatting options offered in the Drag & Drop Builder for creating newsletter-style emails.

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-- If you prefer a video walk through, check out this video.

Use the Drag & Drop Editor to create stylized, newsletter-style emails.

Head to Emails > Email Templates and select the button + New Email Template.

In the left sidebar, select the Type of Template you would like to use.

In the editor, use the Sections, Blocks and Styles tabs in the left sidebar to fully customize the email.


Sections allow you to design your own baseline layout.

Once you add the sections to your template, your design will look something like this:


Blocks are the text, images, buttons, social media icons, dividers and spacers that are placed into your email layout.

To add blocks to the email --

  • Drag & drop a block into the preferred section within the layout.

  • Click the + sign in the block name and it will be added to the bottom of the current layout as a 1-column section.


Styles allow you to design the overall look of the email. Use styles to set design options that will be reflected throughout your entire email instead of having to define styles for each element.


Section and Block Containers
When you scroll over a block, the Grey icons relate to the content block itself and the Blue icons relate to the whole section.

  • You can move, edit, duplicate, or delete a block of content or the entire section.

  • In the below example, if you click the blue icons you will move/edit/duplicate/delete BOTH the Header Text and Subheader Text. If you click the Grey icons, you will just manipulate the Header Text.

To exit Edit mode for a content block:

  1. Click to Edit another block;

  2. Click outside the block on the email background; or

  3. Click the green DONE button below the block you are editing

Editing in the Sidebar
You will notice when you use the Gear icon to update blocks that a left sidebar with further editing options will appear. Remember to always select DONE to save your changes and to continue making edits to your layout.

Customizing The Email Footer
Take a look at this article to learn how to customize the layout and look of your email footers.


Text Blocks
There are a few editing options within a text block. Select the gear icon to open the Text Settings sidebar.

  • You can adjust the background color and add a border.

  • Adjust the padding to orient the content inside its block. 

  • Set your margins to orient the block within the template. 

To Edit Text, including font styles, adding links, and many other options, select the grey pencil icon.

 A formatting bar will appear so you can complete changes to the text within that specific block.  

Image Blocks
To add images to an image block, simply drag an image from your computer onto the coordinating block. Or, select Choose an Image and a modal box will appear. Here you can upload a new image or click on the Image Library tab to insert an image that was uploaded in the past.

Select the gear icon to open the editing sidebar. In the Image Settings tab, you can:

  • View the properties, replace or delete an image; 

  • Update the image alt text for those users who do not allow images in their emails;

  • Add a caption to the image. 

In the Image Properties tab, you can:

  • Zoom in and out on your image and choose the alignment within the box itself.

  • Keep your image within a specified space in your layout by adjusting the container height.

  • Add a border and adjust the padding of the image within the box itself.

  • Link the image to a website, email address, or file and choose if the link should open in a new window.

This specialized link element allows you to create a stylized call-to-action for your email.

Once added to the layout, you can make edits to the button by selecting the grey gear icon.

Use the Button Text tab in the left sidebar to: 

  • Update the text to read as you would like.

  • Link the button to a webpage, email or file.

Use the Styles tab to: 

  • Update the font, button width, alignment, style (square, rounded edges or oval), color and padding.

  • Choose to apply this style to all buttons in the current template.

Social Media
This special element gives you options for adding in stylized links for your social media sites.

When added to your layout, the system will default to 4 icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Website). Select the grey gear icon to customize.

In the Content tab you will select the social media channels you would like to include and enter your specific URL for each.

In the Social Settings tab, you can choose several display and style options, including display type, font, style and color.

This element will add a divider line between information to help break up sections for your reader.

The grey gear icon will open the sidebar for Divider Settings.

Choose the style of the line itself -- its width, color, thickness and padding. If wanting to use this style throughout the current template, choose to apply to all dividers.

This is an element to help create space between elements.

The grey gear icon will open the sidebar for Spacer Settings.

Choose the color and padding of the spacer. If wanting to use this style throughout the current template, choose to apply to all spacers.


A footer will be added to all drag & drop email sends. Select the Footer Settings gear icon to see customization options.

The Settings sidebar will appear on the left side of your screen.

Select Footer Style to choose the layout of your information.

You are able to change the Unsubscribe and Report Spam language.

If these changes should be reflected in all drag & drop email templates going forward, select "Apply selected footer settings for all new emails."

If changes need to be made to the company name or address text that displays within your footer, you will complete these edits from account settings. Head to account settings > account > company.

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