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Activity Feed: Deliverability Status Indicators
Activity Feed: Deliverability Status Indicators

Understanding contact deliverability statuses within contact activity feeds.

Written by Lori Naeger
Updated over a week ago

A contact informs you that they are not receiving your messages.

First, make sure your contact has checked their spam folder for receipt.

Next, let’s investigate! Perform a global search for their email address to pull up their contact record. Review the Activity Feed for more information and you should find a status indicator that may explain the cause.

Failed to Send

Contact has a failed error next to their email address in the profile heading.

...failed to send because the contact does not have a valid email address.

  • It's possible that the email was typed incorrectly, or the contact gave you a bogus email address by removing a couple characters to eliminate spam.

  • The once valid email is no longer valid. Yes, they look perfectly valid, but perhaps it's a work email address and the person left the company. Now their email is disabled.

  • Manta, our email protection program, has reason to believe this address is invalid. Have you received communication from this email address recently? While Manta can sometimes make mistakes, the program helps to ensure you don't accidentally trip a blacklist and hurt your sending reputation. If you believe an email address was marked invalid incorrectly, send an email to and provide a screen shot of received communication from the email address in question. We will help correct things!

  • It's possible the email address received a hard bounce or unsubscribe in the past and a user re-enabled the address from the front end. You'll just need to take another step and reach out to our support team at to request that the email address be removed from our suppression list.

Email received a hard bounce

5.1.2 - bad-domain

If the domain is dead, or the server is down temporarily, the address will be considered invalid since there is no domain to link it to. Sometimes the company goes out of business, other times it is a technical issue that will resolve itself eventually. But meanwhile the address remains invalid.

5.1.10 - bad-mailbox

A recipient server will send this bounce when the contact´s specific mailbox is inactive. This is a notice that is given before the definitive cancellation of an address, and is susceptible to becoming a “spam trap”.

5.0.0 - Repetitive Soft Bounce

*Note that soft bounces will only appear as repetitive if we tried to send the email for 72 hours and it still cannot deliver (Ex: recipient’s inbox is full, our server can't connect with the recipient's server). The addresses would be considered a hard bounce at that point.

Contact complained of spam

When a contact issues a spam complaint, the email address is removed from the contact's profile.

Contact either clicked the spam button within their email provider's inbox, or contact clicked the spam link in the footer of your email message.

Contact unsubscribed

Contact unsubscribed from the entire account.

Contact either clicked the unsubscribe button within their email provider's inbox, or contact clicked the unsubscribe link in the footer of your email message.

Scheduled the email to be sent in the future

The email send time has passed and all other recipient emails were sent, but you still see the "Scheduled to send" feedback within a contact's activity feed.

This could be because the contact received a hard bounce, unsubscribed or issued a spam complaint on a previous email send, then the address was re-enabled or removed/re-added by a user from the front end.

  • You'll just need to take another step and reach out to our support team at to request that the email address be removed from our suppression list.


  • If contact has unsubscribed, clicked spam or been added to the suppression list by mistake, please send your conversation proof that the contact requests to be added back to your list and the Support Team ( will help to get the complaint reversed.

  • The BenchmarkONE system keeps track of unsubscribes, complaints, hard bounced and invalid contacts. Deleting the contact and re-adding will not remove them from the suppression lists. Please contact the Support Team ( to help you re-enable them.

  • If a contact forwards your message and the receiving recipient clicks to unsubscribe or mark it as spam, it will be recognized on your original contacts profile.

💡 Tip: If the email address is someone you know, send a test email from your personal account—just a quick, plain-text email to a single recipient. If a "Hi, how's it going?" type of personal message gets through, but your normal email campaign doesn't, it's likely an issue with the campaign's content.

There are a few things you can do to improve deliverability, but at the end of the day, every email system out there knows that the email came from BenchmarkONE, not you personally, and may have different ways of dealing with marketing automation tools. This is where DKIM / SPF help you out a bit. Contact the Support Team ( to help you get started with your BenchmarkONE authentication.

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