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Sending an Email - Reply-to Feature
Sending an Email - Reply-to Feature

Learn how to change settings to send emails from one address and receive replies to another.

Written by Lori Naeger
Updated over a week ago

The reply-to address on an email indicates where responses to that email are sent. Contact replies to emails you send from BenchmarkONE can go to an address different from the one you use to send.

How to Change the Reply-to Address

  1. On the Confirm and Send Your Email step of Send Email

    1. Click the "Change Reply-to" Button on the Right column

  2. Choose who the replies will be sent to

    1. Same as sender, the contact's sales rep, or a specific active user

    2. Click Save button

  3. Confirm the addresses have properly been added, send your email.

When should you use a different Reply-to?

  1. One reason to change the reply-to address is when you have multiple "send mail as" addresses connected to your account and you don't want replies sent to those generic accounts. Instead of forwarding email from one email address to another, change the reply-to address. That way, when you send messages from a generic address and recipients can respond as they normally do, but their email goes to a specific user.

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